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About Us

About Weightshake Factory!!

Weightshake Factory is a leading health and diet consultancy based in New Delhi (India). The reason we are among one of the best consultants is that we care for your health and provide you the best consultation as per your metabolic requirements. Specifically our personalized way of counseling helps you achieve the desired result. And because of this quality Weightshake Factory has a huge base of satisfied clients.

Our journey of nutrition and diet consulting started almost two years ago, and in these two years we have counseled more than seven thousand people and helped them live a healthy and happy life.

Our mission is to educate maximum number of people about nutrition, diet and fitness so that we can make a healthy world.

Dietitians at Weightshake Factory are highly qualified and experienced and they are also commitment to provide you the best health consultation based on research and analysis.

At Weightshake Factory we always try to solve your health related problems by recommending you a nutritious Diet Plan first and sometimes complementing it with a best herbal supplement required for your body.

Our Services!

Weightshake Factory provides solution to all your health & nutrition problems; and some of our services are:

  • Weight Loss diets packages
  • Weight Gain Diet Packages
  • Diet Packages For Healthy Skin And Hair
  • Diabetes Diet Packages
  • Diet Packages For Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Patients
  • Diet Packages For Gym Lovers
  • Diet Packages For People Active In Sports
  • Customized Diet Packages For Obese Child
  • Diet Packages For Pregnant Woman
  • Packages For Nursing Mothers
  • Diet Packages For Cancer Patients
  • Thyroid Diet Packages

Our Uniqueness!

Weightshake Factory understands the importance of human life and hence we always try to give the best service to our clients. Not only that we also take care that you get the best possible service by paying the best price.

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