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Refund and Cancellations

Cancellations / Refunds

We guarantee the quality of our services and their effectiveness under condition if and only if it has been adhered to strictly. We will promptly refund for any diet plan if it has not worked as stated, under condition if it has been confirmed that all necessary steps have been followed in executing the plan from your side. Given the manner of the services, In case you want to discontinue citing logical reasons or if you find the services not working, a minimum of 15 days observation is required as a proof, pertaining to which we offer a 60% money back guarantee on all our services.

You may stop your order temporarily or permanently, make changes to your diet plan, or re-start your order by contacting via phone, email or online. For the plan change, cancellation and respective returns you may email us at support@weightshakefactory.com or call in changes to +91 99 5332 9177.


You may also talk to your respective dietician about any issue for required changes.

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